About Us

Androidtvbox2.co.uk is the only mainstream Android provider selling our devices and services worldwide. Now you can gain our service through tab-systems that means you will be able to get D&B TV as part of your home control system. We are also covered by 123line.co.uk, and have full support on your Android devices, apps, and/or tab-system. We only sell the best android devices which all come with full support and great customer service. We are strong believers of quality control so every device is tested before shipping out. When you shop with us we will give you the best price and service as we only sell online so you can gain the benefits of a lower costing service. Unfortunately you will find many on the side sellers that are trying to sell these devices, with little knowledge of its capability or without the customer service you need. Many of these sellers do not care about your experience and do not provide after care service, they simply add profit to the device and sell it on for quick earnings. We do things professional and you will see the difference when you buy from a genuine seller, rather than a seller from classified adverts. We have been selling these devices for around 2-3 years and always work hard to improve on our customer satisfaction and the devices we sell. Buy from us will regain your confidence back into these device, as 8 out of 10 percent chance, you would have had a bad experience buying from the wrong supplier. It is a pleasure to serve you, and answer any questions you might have, on what you need to get started or delivery time etc, whatever your need we will be here to comply